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Derby Square Proposed World Hiking Tours

If you like a challenge.

If you have kissed the summits of some small mountains or if you have trekked through woods, across rivers and created paths where there was none

In all your mountaineering ventures, one thing is always true-magical beauty waits after a tough climb. This time round we have decided to take things a notch higher, in what could be the best hiking tours of the world.

  • Dinaric Alps -8 Days hiking Bosnia to Montenegro Tour

The smoky mountain ranges of southern Europe beckon with alluring beauty and greenery. Stretching from the Adriatic coast in Slovenia to Montenegro, hikers looking hunting for the ultimate wanderlust experience will find it here. Our hiking trip commenced in Bosnia and took us to Montenegro. It was an experience of a lifetime- chasing the rivers that snake the hillsides. The trek took us through thick rainforests and meandering trails that link the two countries. The highlight of the trip included the Magic mountain peak.

  • 10 Days Tour du Mont-Blanc Trip

Mont Blanc is one of the world’s beautiful untouched places. It is the tallest mountain in Europe, standing in its white magnificence. It is an action-packed trek taking you through France, Italy and Switzerland. It was one foot in front of the other for ten days of the Tour du Mont Blanc. This was a circuit trail of the mountain that offered us superb views, of new mountain cultures, challenging climbs and safe and warm hospitality. It started and ended in Les Houches.

We went with a mountain hut in Chamonix where we enjoyed spectacular views of the mountains. Travelers can consider Refuge La Frege, The Trient, La Pucelle and Les Chapieux among others.

  • 5 Days To Lodge Sacred Valley Hike

There are hidden treasures of nature upon every turn on the trail. Our guide took us on the road that wound around the northern mountains of Cusco. We stopped at El Mirador, one of the highest look pints. From there we got stunning views of the Sacred Valley and got to interact with locals. We retraced the footsteps of the Incas through the time-beaten terraces and irrigation channels that still exist. The Andean Culture came alive in the ruins of Pisac.

We interacted with outstanding works of stone art. Just a little downhill is the handicraft market. This is a perfect place for souvenir hunting. The locals are superb weavers, and trough the handmade textiles you will be able to take home with you a piece of the ancient Incan culture.

Deluxe hospitality and accommodation include Lamay Lodge, Hotel Cusco in Urubamba and Sky Lodge adventure suites among others. The lodges included private rooms, hot showers and dishes that would wet your pallet and give you the energy for the next day’s climb.

  • Mt Kilimanjaro Hike Tours -8 Days Lemosho Route

Kilimanjaro is for the daring. If you can manage the steep and rocky climbs, there are enough treats to quench your wanderlust. These lie in the thick forests and flowery meadows and the warmth of fellow hikers. Some routes include camp lodges where you can rent sleeping bags and pillows. The tents include thick mattresses and mesh insect netting.

The Lemosho routes included mountain huts with single beds and mattresses. These were equipped with shared toilets and washing facilities. It was eight days of exciting climbs and descents. At the end of it all, we got the chance to stand on top of the Uhuru Peak.
Hiking is more than just an adventure. There is extreme pride in conquering tall mountains. But that’s not all; the health benefits are uncountable.



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